EMOTES, 11- 17 June 2019

EMOTES, end of year exhibition made by 150 primary 5 pupils.


Summer 2019

The final term of workshops reflected on artworks made, curation, performance making & exhibition design!

P6/7 Pilot Workshops

As part of this year’s workshops with the local Victoria Primary School, our weekly timetable now includes a class with…

Spring 2019

The Spring Term was divided into artist-led workshops with Ciara Phillips, Charlotte Barker, Lara Macleod, Kate Owens, Ashanti Harris, Nick Evans & Adam Gandy.

Autumn 2018

Term 1 for 2018-19 introduced new material and art histories to the p 5’s and culminated in an ambitious installation.

Spring 2018

The Spring term brought lots of very different artists to lead a variety of workshop with the p5s from contemporary dance to creative electrophysics

Autumn 2017

For 2017-18 Term One, the P5s learned lots of new terms, techniques and ways of working collaboratively to make artworks

Stop Making Sense, 13 – 17 June 2017

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops annual Schools exhibition, ‘Stop Making Sense’ presents an installation, films, and sculptures made by the pupils this year.

Summer 2017

In the Summer Term pupils worked on projects with Stephanie Mann, Jack Cheetham and Živilė Siutilaitė.